Allied 48V 90Ah Drop-In Lithium Battery Bundle for Club Car Golf Carts
Allied 48V 90Ah Drop-In Lithium Battery Bundle for Club Car Golf Carts
Allied 48V 90Ah Drop-In Lithium Battery Bundle for Club Car Golf Carts
Allied 48V 90Ah Drop-In Lithium Battery Bundle for Club Car Golf Carts

Allied 48V 90Ah Drop-In Lithium Battery Bundle for Club Car Golf Carts

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    48V 90Ah (3 x 30Ah) Club Car Lithium "Drop-In Ready" Golf Cart Batteries from Allied Battery (Fits Club Car Precedent, Tempo, Onward, and DS)

    Why switch from your old lead acid golf cart batteries to Lithium? Allied lithium golf car batteries are the only true "Drop-In-Ready" lithium batteries for golf carts. Allied Battery's versatile lithium battery conversion solution allows users to easily convert 48V lead acid to a full lithium golf cart battery set up. 

    Simply remove your existing lead-acid batteries and replace with the Allied lithium golf cart batteries, attach cables in parallel, secure the holding bracket, and the install is complete. You will benefit from half the weight, triple the run time, 3500+ life cycles, zero maintenance and our industry leading 8-year warranty!

    **OPTIONAL: Universal Snap Harness and Onboard 110 Charging Plug (Select in Drop Down)**

    FREE Water-Proof Charger with Every Drop-In Lithium Battery System

    Also Includes a FREE Allied LED State of Charge Meter

    The Allied Dash Mounted LED State of Charge Meter connects directly to your Drop-In Ready Battery system and displays your current state of charge. No configuration, just plug and play.

    - Dash Mounted Round LCD Display
    - Mounting Bracket
    - Connecting Harnesses
    - Bright LED screen for easy visibility during day or night

    Allied Drop-In Ready Lithium Golf Cart Battery Installation Video


    • 48V 60Ah (2) Drop-Ins
    • 48V 90Ah (3) Drop-Ins
    • 48V 120Ah (4) Drop-Ins


    Powering Your Golf Cart: A Guide to Golf Cart Batteries and Lithium Options

    If your golf cart is losing its power, it might be time to replace the golf cart batteries. Golf carts require specialized batteries to keep them running smoothly on the course, at the campground or in the neighborhood. This guide will help you understand golf cart batteries, including the advantages of lithium-ion golf cart batteries, so you can choose the right option and maintain your batteries for optimal performance.

    Understanding Golf Cart Batteries

    Golf carts are powered by a pack of rechargeable batteries that convert chemical energy into electrical energy to run the motor. The two main types are lead-acid and lithium-ion golf cart batteries.

    Lead-acid golf cart batteries are more affordable but require regular maintenance like refilling water levels. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries are maintenance-free but costlier upfront.

    Golf cart lithium batteries like lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) offer impressive advantages. They are lighter weight, extremely long-lasting up to 10 years, and require zero maintenance. Golf cart lithium batteries resist degradation from repeated charging cycles better than their lead-acid counterparts.

    Determining Your Golf Cart Battery Needs

    Before purchasing new batteries, determine your golf cart's voltage requirements, which is typically 36V or 48V using 6V, 8V, or 12V batteries wired in series. Ensure the replacement batteries match your cart's voltage.

    Size and compatibility are also crucial - golf cart batteries come in various sizes tailored to different cart models. Consult your owner's manual or supplier to find the right physical dimensions.

    Golf Cart Battery Costs

    Golf cart battery costs vary based on type, brand, and capacity:

    - Lead-acid golf cart batteries: $100-$200 each, $600-$1200 for full pack
    - Lithium golf cart batteries: Start under $2000 

    While lithium batteries for golf carts have higher upfront costs, they offer greater long-term value through longevity and reduced maintenance needs.

    Extending Golf Cart Battery Life

    To maximize lifespan, keep batteries clean, fully charged, and avoid overcharging or deep discharging. Store in a cool, dry place and consider using a smart charger. For lead-acid, use proper water and perform equalization charging periodically.

    With the right golf cart battery system and care, you can stay powered up for years. Don't overlook the advantages of superior golf cart lithium batteries for a low-maintenance, long-lasting power solution.

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